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Career coach for moms Julie Shore at her home in Central PA

You have AMAZING Talents!

The Career Coach for Moms,

Julie Shore

Meet Julie

Certified Senior Human Resources Professional, Recruiter, Career Coach & Mom

In 2002, I became a Mom for the first time.  It was wonderful and scary at the same time.  Wonderful to hold my little baby girl, but stressful because I knew I'd have to give up holding my little girl to return to work in a few short months.  I was torn.  Many people would think I was about to have it all.  I had a flexible, part-time management role all set up to return to upon the end of my leave with PwC, a big 4 accounting firm.  So, I went back that day in October 2002, and I resigned to all five of my bosses.  It was not easy.  I was the primary wage earner of our family and in a personal values were not aligned with my job at the time.  Don't get me wrong, my experience at PwC was amazing and I'm eternally grateful for the relationships I built and experience I gained.  But, my priorities were changing. I wanted to be in control of my time and my career.  And, so began my journey.​...

Julie Shore, certified Career Coach for mid-level professionals and moms based in Mechanicsburg

What I Specialize In

Career Assessments:

Understanding what matters to you most now

Job Search Action Plans

Resumes & LinkedIn Profile Upgrades

Interviewing Preparation


Networking Plan


Your job search journey begins with understanding your core values and strengths and aligning those with marketplace needs.

Julie is an amazing coach and really helped me narrow in on how to tell a more cohesive story about myself, my skills, and my accomplishments at a time I needed some reminding! She used tools and assessments along with her expertise to help center me and ultimately gave me the confidence boost I needed! She helped me see myself clearly and I knew I would find a role where I would be able to bring my full self to work!

- Shari Rossow

"When you are job searching, it's generally a frustrating process. Julie coaches you to be confident, focused and aware of your worth. She helped tailor my resume and guide me through the expectations of a job search. When I did get an offer, she coached me through the negotiation process as well. I wasn't looking for just a job, but a career I loved. Thanks to Julie I found it."

- Emily Renne

"Through the daunting, unfamiliar mountainous terrain of job search Julie is an inspiring and knowledgeable spirit with relevant and effective tools to achieve a successful summit. I found myself in unfamiliar territory while not working. From Julie, I learned the questions, strategies, and results-producing techniques essential to helping me to land an amazing new role. Julie was a reliable resource that I bounced ideas off, confidentially shared ideas with, and from whom I learned innovative and current networking approaches that were instrumental to finding the right position for me. Having a highly competent guide makes all the difference in timing and outcome of a job search and I found Julie to be the kind and wise guide I needed."

- Ami Zumkhala- Cook

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Julie Shore speaking at a career coaching event
Julie Shore and Megan Magensky from CBS 21 on matching high schoolers to jobs
Career coach Julie Shore speaking at event
Career coach Julie Shore at a networking event

I love what I do. Do you?

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