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Step by Step Job Help for Moms

  • Tired of Googling "work from home jobs" and coming up short?

  • Feel like your only option is to become a virtual assistant?

  • Took at a career break? 

  • Miserable in your current job?  

  • Feel like you're barely holding all the pieces together of work and home?

  • Been through a recent divorce?

  • Hate your boss? 

  • Picked up random jobs to stay home with your kids and have no clue what you want to do now?


I am here to empower each one of you smart, strong Moms to identify your strengths and lead you on the right next career path.  

I believe each and every one of you reading this has so much to offer. The trick is identifying what matters most to you at this point in your life and what organization type aligns with your priorities right now. So, I am glad you are here! This is the first step- to be curious and want more for your life and your family right here, right now. 

Being a Mom is no easy task- juggling schedules, meal prep, groceries, balancing school work, maybe pick up the house a bit, perhaps a workout here and there, and oh- yeah- sleep is great, too!

So, finding time to work on yourself is often challenging, as so many of us put ourselves last on our 'to do' lists.

That is why I created an online database for you to access at your convenience- all the tools you need to land your next job in one place:

The Career Journey Playbook for Moms!

A mother excited for her new career opportunities

I've got news for you Moms... you are SUPER TALENTED, and just because you took a career break or perhaps you're struggling in a current job, this doesn't mean you don't got game; it simply means you're not in the right spot and you have more to offer.

To not use the talents you've been given is a disservice to someone who needs them.

So, don't limit your possibilities; commit to an open mindset.

If you don't want to 'google' each step of the job search process and want to learn from someone who has been there, done that, and still today coaches hundreds of individuals to their dream job, then you should commit to exploring your possibilities.

If you don't own your next move, who will?

Mom working remote job

How does it work?

​Here are two options:

1. You can opt for an initial focused career coaching session with your playbook access for $325, which includes one- 45 minute coaching session, 1-Kolbe A Index to discover your unique talents and strengths, and access to the playbook for 1 month. Thereafter, it's $99 a month until you cancel.


2. You can simply choose to navigate the playbook on your own schedule and in your own time for $99 a month.

I believe in you and want more for you. But, you have to commit and decide to want this.

If you have been looking for real career advice from a real practitioner, I'm here to help.  As a recruiter, HR practitioner and career coach, I will teach you how to land more interviews and be clear on your value proposition.  But, you have to want it and be willing to commit the time and do the work.

All the tools are here and ready for you. 

What's stopping you?

How will you choose to invest in yourself today?

Still not sold?
Take a sneak peak into what the Career Journey Playbook is all about!
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