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What Lifts You: How A Mural in Nashville Reminded Me of What's Important

Updated: Feb 22

This past weekend as an early 25th anniversary celebration, my husband and I snuck away for a three day visit to Music City, aka Nashville.

Career Coach Julie Shore and her educator husband Matt Shore in front of the What Lifts You Wings in Nashville TN

While I'd been there nine years prior to speak at a conference, I could not get over how different things were. More buildings and higher high- rises have begun to fill in the Nashville I had known. Corporate giants, like Amazon and Oracle, have landed in the city, with more to come later. Broadway was packed end-to-end with new bars named after country singers and patrons to fill them.

Why did we choose Nashville?

I love country music, and haven't let go of my memories from nine years ago - walking in and out of establishments on a sunny Sunday afternoon, always having an amazing live artist within earshot.

God bless my husband, who's not a huge country music fan himself. He came out of his love for music and me, but stayed for the Kid Rock bar :-)

Usually when we are on vacation, the last thing we do is fill our schedules. To be honest, we're typically beach people. However, when planning this long weekend trip to Nashville, I had a friend share a Google Doc of all the Nashville essentials.

So, the week of, I was scrambling to make various reservations only to find myself completely stressed out the night before we left. As I presented a very detailed itinerary to my husband, Matt. He then looked and me and helped me realize- this is not our style. Why are we changing our vacation M.O. just because it's Nashville?

He was right. So, I quickly cancelled several reservations and as I did - I felt my stress level lessen.

What lifts me?

I quickly affirmed that we are not regimented vacation goers; our lives are SO scheduled on a regular basis that THE LAST thing we needed for this weekend getaway was to keep our days so full.

In the end, we were ok with what we did or didn't see. We saw plenty... our way.

Nashville is renown for having many murals. Among them is "What Lifts You Wings," by Kelsey Montague. My husband Matt and I are pictured above posing with the mural, which is meant to give passersby a moment to reflect on what lifts them up, what inspires them.

Do you know what lifts you?

This trip reaffirmed what lifts me:

  • My marriage to my husband of almost 25 years

  • My faith in God

  • Our children

  • Family and friends

  • Protecting my time relentlessly and setting boundaries

  • Giving myself permission to close down the digital noise for a few days and be fully present with those I'm with

  • Great food

  • Great music

  • My clients- I get to work with some of the most amazing individuals around the US and globally; I learn something from each and every one of you!

My experience in Nashville gave me the opportunity to rest and reflect on what was important. I remember what lifted me up, and was challenged in my attempts to hold to that list. But by focusing on what works for me and not other people, I truly found rest.

What lifts you? Today? In this moment? In your work? Outside of work?

Funny - in one of the busiest cities in the US, I without a doubt was able to take time to reaffirm what lifts me!

Can you?

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