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When is the last time you put you first? What is the last thing you did to advocate for yourself? For those of us that are parents, we often hear- we are the primary advocates and teachers for our children. Well, when we grow up and become adults, who becomes our advocate then? Years ago, we used to look to our organizations to assign us a mentor who would scoop us up and take us like shadows wherever they went- the board room, leadership meetings, key client account meetings, and more. While that may still happen on occasion today, more often than not- I hear from my career and organizational clients with whom I have the honor of supporting- it just does not exist anymore. Sure, HR departments try very hard to map out processes and implement formal mentoring programs, but the reality is, if a leader doesn’t make the time or feel engaged in the process and regular, meaningful meetings are not occurring, the mentoring doesn’t usually work- which circles us back to- YOU. You have to be your own advocate as you grow in your career. You need to build your 1 year development plan. You need to think about where you want to be in the next 5 years. Here are my suggestions to begin to advocate for yourself:

  • Seek out a mentor NOT within your current organization; this way- it’s not awkward if you leave.

  • Join 1 association or group in your field and schedule time away from your primary job 1x a month to attend a real, live in person meeting- NOT by Zoom.

  • Commit to personal development. Choose 1 book, 1 podcast, 1 article to read at least 3x a week, if not daily.

  • Schedule 30 minutes of distraction free ‘think’ time per day.

You are empowered, you just have to schedule the time, set an alarm/reminder, and you will be amazed at the great ideas you have! Struggling to find the time? Feeling unsettled in your current role or what’s on your plate? I’d love to chat. Schedule your complimentary strategy session here now:

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